Financial Management

Every small business requires cash to get started and operate. Often potential owners underestimate the costs of starting up and operating their businesses. This can lead to serious problems. For this reason, it is recommended that you fill out the following Estimating Form as best you can.

  • Assistance in budget development.
  • Analysis of budgets, financial reports, and major variances.
  • Analysis of program costs and opportunities for containment.
  • Analysis of funding cuts and development of response strategies.

Market Research Development & Strategic Marketing

  • Our brand of business building is about building a self-sustaining pipeline which is aimed at identifying opportunities, qualifying prospects, identifying decision makers, developing presentations and presenting your valuable products or services to important prospects.

    • Market Research
    • Surveys
    • Brand Development
    • Social Media Development
    • Market Development & Growth
    • Competitiveness Strategies

Project Management & Implementation

  • Analysis of major problems/needs, development and strategies.
  • Feasibility and impact studies.
  • Assessment of customer satisfaction through opinion surveys and development of improvement plans.
  • Assessment of service utilization and opportunities.

Organizational Structure & Management Strategies

  • Assessment of organizational climate, employee satisfaction, and development of improvement plans.
  • Leadership Development and coaching of CEO and/or senior management staff.
  • Analysis of employee turnover and strategies to increase retention.
  • Assessment of organizational ethics, development of Codes of Ethics, disclosure statements, monitoring systems, training and improvement plans.
  • Analysis of existing employee compensation and recognition programs; development of recommendations for improvement within budget limits.
  • Assessment of Board needs satisfaction, performance, roles and relationship with CEO and development of improvement plans.
  • Development of CEO evaluation system by Board of Directors.
  • Analysis of performance, strengths, threats, opportunities, and priorities for the future.
  • Assessment of major organizational risks and development of a plan to minimize and/or manage risks.
  • Development of performance management measures including service outcomes and administration including areas of human resources, finances, fundraising, and management performance.
  • Cultural sensitivity/competency training
  • Specialized training for case managers, social workers, and client services staff
  • Professional board and staff training

Non Profit Planning, Management, Fund Raising Strategies, Grant Research, Writing & Submission

  • Non-Profit Planning & Management Systems development
  • Grant writing and Fund Development
  • Donor and prospect research
  • Private foundation grants
  • Government grant applications
  • Responses to LOIs and RFPs
  • Collaborative proposals

Growth & Profit Sustainability Strategies

  • Market & Consumer Performance Forecast
  • Market Share Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Management Audit
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