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Your vision is your impression and blueprint of what you plan to establish. Your vision will have influences on your goals however it is import to develop a clear and strong Vision through

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Our unique Programs enhances skills, save time and money and contribute to career and organizational success. Teambuilding is a key component of our Programs. We offer a broad range of subjects that increase growth, profitability, and continuity in small and medium range businesses.

In the development of our Programs, we examine the latest business trends and examine employee attitudes to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful. The changing needs of our Business Clients drive the planning and development of all of our Programs.


Financial Management

Every small business requires cash to get started and operate. Often potential owners underestimate the costs of starting up and operating their businesses. This can lead to serious problems. For this reason, it is recommended that you fill out the following Estimating Form as best you can.

Marketing, Promotions & Public Relations

IGROWTH’s Marketing, Promotions & Public Relations Division have established great allies in various sectors resulting providing our Clients with the maximum amount of consistent exposure.

Growth Lab

Since small business success requires the owner to perform a number of tasks, each requiring specific skills, Consider your work history, education and life experiences as you answer these following questions.

For the following Business Management Skills please rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 5. An answer of 1 would mean that you have no experience or knowledge in that skill and an answer of 5 means that you have strong experience and or knowledge


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